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Thursday, December 12, 2013


 ESPN→ Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.
• HDFC→ Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited
• HCL→ Hindustan Computer Limited
• HTC→ High Tech Computer Corporation
• HP→ Hewlett-Packard
• HMV→ His Master's Voice
• HSBC→ Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
• H&M→ Hennes & Mauritz
• ICICI Bank→ Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Bank
• IBM→ International Business Machines
• Infosys→ Information Systems • Intel→ INTegrated ELectronics
• IKEA→ Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd
• ING→ International Netherlands Group
• JVC→ Japan Victor Company
• JBL→ James Bullough Lansing
• KFC→ Kentucky Fried Chicken
• L&T→ Larsen & Toubro
• LG→ Lucky and Goldstar
• LEGO→ leg godt
• MRF→ Madras Rubber Factory
• NEC→ Nippon Electric Company
• Nikon→ Nippon Kogaku
• Nissan→ Nippon Sangyo
• P&G→ Procter & Gamble Company
• SAP→ System Analyse und Programmentwicklung
• TCL→ Today China Lion
• UPS→ United Parcel Service of America
• Wipro→ Western India Palm Refined Oil Ltd

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