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Saturday, December 8, 2018

क्या होता है पंच महापुरुष योग

पंच महापुरुष योग   
ASTROLOGER JAYDEEP JOSHI   ,CONTACTS :9819730937Hello guys today we will learn about panch mahapurusha yogas so as the name tells there are 5 types of yogas which are generated by 5 planets namely mercury jupiter mars saturn and venus and now we are going to learn how these yogas are generated in the horoscope and what are its effects and when it fructifies

so we will now see each one of the yogas the very first being

Bhadra yoga:- Bhadra yoga is formed by mercury. It is formed when mercury is exalted or in the own sign and simultaneously being in the kendra from lagna. When mercury is in the sign of gemini and virgo and in kendra also from lagna that's when Bhadra yoga is formed. The persons born in this yoga are very intelligent and also they are calculative in their nature. They are also good looking. Now when this yoga will fructify. This yoga will only fructify when its mahadasha or antardasha comes. Its power will also be decided on the basis of its shadbala if mercury is powerful in shadbala then bhadra yoga will fructify in its dasha.

Hamsa yoga:- Hamsa yoga is formed when jupiter is exalted in the sign of cancer or in the own signs of sagittarius or pisces and it simaltaneously should be in the kendra (1,4,7,10th) houses. Hamsa yoga as the name indicates the person will have the qualities of swan just like in mixture of milk and water swan only absorbs milk likewise the person having hamsa yoga will only absorb good qualities from every person he will learn only good qualities from other persons. He will be handsome good looking if a girl then she will look beautiful. Will be well mannered and will also be learned and wealthy. In jupiter's mahadasha and antardasha if a person has hamsa yoga then he will gain wealth he will get promotion in his career if in profession if a student he will be successful in attaining his education. He can excel in fields such as finance, teaching, counselling, consulting, jyotish etc.

Ruchaka yoga:- Ruchaka yoga is formed by mars. When mars is in his exalted sign capricorn or in his own sign aries or scorpio and simultaneously in the kendra then Ruchaka yoga is formed. A person born in Ruchaka yoga will be brave and a leader and will take all his decision by himself and will not require much support of anyone. He can go into any of the technical professions or he can even go into army or in police department services. Without properly analysing the chart nothing can be told for sure. Ruchaka yoga will also fructify when the mahadasha or antardasha of mars will come in the natal's chart.

Shasha yoga:- Shasha yoga is formed when saturn is either exalted in the sign of libra or in the own signs of capricorn or aquarius and also being in the kendra. The person born with Shasha yoga in his chart is a very disciplined man he will make his own rules and would also like to follow the own rules made by him. He will be very obedient and will also want to follow law every time he can excel in fields such as in the engineering, construction,law etc.  Whenever the mahadasha of saturn comes in the native's chart then he will get progress and promotion in his career and the native having this yoga gains late wealth in his life but the wealth will always progress and will be intact and will remain with the native forever.https://expertpanditji.com/3-jaydeep-joshi.html

Malavya yoga:- Malavya yoga is formed by the planet venus whenever venus is in exalted sign pisces or in its own sign of libra or taurus and in the kendra from lagna this yoga is formed. The persons born under malavya yoga are fond of luxuries and they like to wear good clothes they like to have good food. Such persons are usually lucky and they have enough money again this is only a yoga anything can be only decided by looking at the natal chart only.Such persons are also loving and caring towards their family or their partner or their friends. The persons born under malavya yoga are very attractive and they will look very handsome or beautiful in the case of a girl. They will get a good spouse also. Whenever the mahadasha or antardasha of venus comes in the native's kundli he will get desired results in his field also he will gain much wealth during that period and all the positive factors of venus will be felt in the mahadasha or antardasha of venus.

Hope this article helps you in determining whether you have Panch mahapurush yoga in your chart and how will it effect in your life. Thank you

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